Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum period. The contracts last one month, but it can be done for less time.

No. Given our large number of storage rooms, it is not necessary to make a previous reservation, but if you want to make sure you know which storage rooms are available, you can contact us through the contact form on our website, by email: or in our phones:

If you are an individua: We need your ID card, we will make a copy for you. If you are a business company. Business ID Card. Photo ID card of the legal representative of the company Payment: cash, checks, credit card, wire-transfer, direct bank debit.. The amount to pay to start the contract (first month) must be paid by cash or credit card.

The same day you hire your storage room or mini-warehouse, for that reason, we recommend that you hire it on the same day that you plan to start using your storage space. Of course you can come before visiting our facilities, and choose the storage room that best suits your needs, leaving it reserved. The first payment is prorated, that is, if you rent on July 12 in the first payment we will charge you from July 12 to 31 and then the full month of August.  

For security, and to offer you a personalized and close treatment, we do not have access 24 hours, although with surveillance, but you can access your storage room or make any query within our wide schedule: From Monday to Friday: 8:00 a 20:00 Saturdays: from 9:00 a 14:00

From approximately 1m2 to 200m2, we have an infinite number of intermediate sizes to adapt to your needs. All our storage rooms, whatever their size, are construction sites, so the temperature and humidity levels remain stable, making this an indispensable condition for the good conservation of stored objects..

Depending on the size of the storage room, they have single doors that are 74 cm wide and double 149 cm wide.

All the storage rooms are locked, only you have access to it.

Only you, and the people that you expressly authorize to it. For this we need a photocopy of the DNI of the authorized person and we will give you an authorization that must be signed by both people: the contract holder and the person to whom you want to give access. We do not have a copy of the key of your storage room.

We have general alarm in the facilities connected to security services. In addition to this we have motion sensors, surveillance cameras and fire equipment complying with current regulations.

Yes, all our prices include free basic insurance. The calculation of the insured value depends on the storage room meters, so we have 3 levels of insurance, he first is included in the monthly price.In addition, we can offer you more coverage with a small monthly increase. In case you do not want our insurance, we do not put obstacles to hire your own independent insurance.

Of course, also given the height of our storage rooms, putting shelves you can take better advantage of the space. Works or drills are not allowed inside the storage rooms. You can put as many shelves as you need, but without having them anchored to the wall.

Of course!  We have our own fleet of trucks that can collect what you want to keep and then if you want to return it to where you indicate. We can also make any type of move in the Balearics and peninsula. We offer the service, it is not subcontracted.

If your problem is that you do not know how much space you needs, you can contact us for advice. In addition, if you need to keep all the furniture and objects in your home, we have the following rule for average homes: Square meters of housing / 9 = Square meters that you need For example: For a floor of 65 m2 you will need approximately 7,20 m2 On our website you have a section to calculate the space that you can give a visual idea of ​​what you can save and some ideas.

You can store almost anything, but there are regulations with certain prohibitions: The regulations prohibit storing: Inflammable, dangerous, illicit products, toxic pollutants, explosives, jewelery, precious metals, works of art, cash, perishables or malodorous, as well as any other susceptible to damage, either to the storeroom, or to the rest of goods that are in the Center Nor is it allowed to keep vegetables, or animals, alive or dead. Customers are not allowed to carry out any activity other than storage, such as industrial, commercial, craft, professional, recreational, cultural, educational or similar activities In addition, State security forces and bodies, have full power to enter your module or storage room, when we detect any anomalous or strange situation that harms or jeopardizes the safety of the rest of the clients and/or the Company or when they themselves or request.

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